Updated 04/04/15

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     As stated on the Purpose page, this site was created to support the "Seventh Millennium Its Prophesies And Beyond" book. Most of the pages and downloads on this site will either expound there on, or add to the book’s teachings. As such, it's highly recommended that one would first download and read the book in its entirety before exploring this website to any great depth. However, as with any foundational study or teaching, the level of one’s prior knowledge and revelation should determine the amount of foundational supplement one needs to take in for true discernment in any matter.

     I can now offer this book in a professionally printed (perfect bound) 8.5" x 11" format. I am able to mail it out within the United States (USPS) at my cost, which is $20.00 per book which includes shipping. Please use the contact page to inquire. Color printing on quality paper at low volume orders is not cheap I've found out, but Praise GOD! Otherwise there is always a completely free PDF version offered on this site from the link below:


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