Updated 05/01/16


     As stated on the Purpose page, this site was created to support The Seventh Millennium Its Prophesies And Beyond book. Most of the pages and downloads on this site will either expound thereon, or add to the book’s teachings. As such, it's highly recommended that one would first download and read the book in its entirety before exploring this website to any great depth.

     I can now offer this book in a professionally printed (perfect bound) 8.5" x 11" format. I am able to mail it out within the United States for a suggested free will offering of $20.00 per book, which includes packaging and shipping. Please use the contact page to inquire further. Otherwise there is a Kindle/PC/Mac version of the book offered at the download link below, or there is a site based PDF file of the book.



     You can also download a free version of the Kindle Reader for Mac or PC from the link above (see screenshot of Kindle Reader for PC at bottom of page). Be sure to register the free version of the Kindle Reader from the program's menu: Tools/Options/Registration before the reader will download either a free sample of the book or the book itself if you so choose to purchase a copy. All versions have an interactive chapter menu, search, dictionary, flashcards, and bookmark features that will work on the desktop versions as well. It will also allow you to insert notes at any point and edit or export them later on. This is why I've gone with this format; it's so versatile when it come to studying the text. Of course this download will work in any Kindle version and or iPad, iPhone, Android etc.




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